Wayne Winsley

High School, College, and Beyond!

Wayne Improves Campus & Company Culture By Helping People Realize Their Dreams Matter

 Your circumstances don’t determine your destiny!

Wayne lived in the rear apartment of this building as a child.

Wayne Winsley started off in poverty in Cleveland Ohio. He lived with his great grandmother in the rear apartment of the building in the picture above.

At age 12 he was placed in the social welfare  system, first in an orphanage then at Boys Town.

By age 14 Wayne was wandering the streets of Cleveland and hadn’t attended school regularly in nearly a year

Thanks to the power of a positive message delivered by the father of one of Wayne’s friends, Wayne was inspired to develop the courage and persistence to overcome poverty, adversity, and circumstances in pursuit of his dreams.

Wayne Winsley enjoyed a 20-year career as a radio broadcaster,
He is a multiple award winning public speaker with ,
3 Toastmasters Regional and Area Speaker awards,
Monster Worldwide’s Rookie Speaker of the Year in 2009 and Platinum Speaker Award 2011.
Founder of Brave Enough To Fail Inc.
the #1 Student Motivational Program in America. 


“Wayne is an amazing, funny, and interactive motivational speaker, his ability to capture the attention of the audience is extraordinary! “

Fallonne F. Nichols College